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Goa Chitra—Mission Statement

“Preserving the past to enrich the future.”

Goa Chitra -‘a fusion of Goa- the state and Chitra meaning pictures, is a tribute by its founder to his ancestors and their way of life. In the past, people lived a life very close to their land, using age-old wisdom passed down through generations which today are referred to as an alternative way of living.
It is a project to promote awareness and appreciation of the traditional agrarian lifestyle, of the eco-friendly techniques that were practiced and to create sensitivity and concern for the environment in Goan youth.
Goa Chitra, an ethnographic museum, hosts a collection of implements that are fast disappearing in the contemporary economy and society, allowing visitors to learn about life in past days.
The museum is set against the back drop of an organic farm, and its environs highlight the traditions of the past.

Goa Chitra believes in reviving age old traditions through the museum display and outreach programs thus allowing the younger generation to share the wisdom of the past which would otherwise be irretrievably lost. This we hope will create awareness about nature, its influences, and benefits on human life.
As an organization/institution it sets and executes finite goals and activities to create a healing environment, promote health and vitality and devising one's own life enhancing programs aimed at creating a more harmonious environment.

Goa Chitra: Aims and Objectives:

  • To showcase the rich tradition of implements, tools, arts, crafts. This heritage makes evident that our ancestors were self sufficient with material that they sourced from their surroundings.
  • To acquaint visitors with eco-friendly indigenous technology that maintained a balance with the natural surroundings.
  • To preserve and display traditional implements and tools on the assumption that the museum will engender awareness and appreciation of past traditions, allowing people to become aware of their roots and take pride in their rich ancestry.
  • To document the various implements in their cultural context to authenticate tools as well as understand their genesis.
  • To archive the traditions related to the implements and their accompanying rituals before they are rendered obsolete.
  • Restoring agricultural methods through traditional organic farming and applying such methods to experiment soil fertility and crop production.
  • Ensuring the preservation of these traditional forms of expression. One avenue to this goal is inspiring the younger generation to take up and continue these art forms by exposing them to their heritage.
  • Development and promoting of these art forms constitutes the other means by which Goan culture can be preserved and continued.
  • Archiving of Goa's cultural heritage through documents, books, photographs, handicrafts, electronic recordings, costumes, musical instruments, artifacts and oral history, so that records of traditions that may die out are recorded.
  • Promoting the folk performing arts; to encourage troupes, where necessary, to put together a more rehearsed performance so that they can expand their audience.

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