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“Simply superb. One did not know that Goa had such a rich heritage of implements – keep it up.”
Sarto Almeida, Architect.

“I am speechless. You have done us proud!!!!”
Dr. Helga Gomes, senior scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences PO Box 475, McKown Point, West Boothbay Harbor, Maine 04575-0475 biglow university, USA.


"I could fill up an entire page; but all I shall say for now is a THANK YOU! For stepping up to the plate to preserve our past.”
Dr. Joaquim Gomes, senior scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences PO Box 475, McKown Point, West Boothbay Harbor, Maine 04575-0475 big low university, USA.

“Collection to reckon with, will definitely like to have the book. As an anthropologist am amazed at the knowledge.”
Dr Sharmila Ghosh. Anthropologist- ASI – Delhi.

“Creative person! Collection of the lost heritage of Goa for future generation needs support from likeminded people. Come all to extend support.”
Mr. N.Taher and team, ASI- Goa.

“Simply out standing!! Worthy of all admiration.”
Schiller, To`Rner, Hammarstrand Sundberg – Sweden ,tourist to Goa.

“Excited, happy to see my long last dream coming to reality. I call it a cultural museum.”
Dr. Vinayak Khedekar –Former Member secretary Kala Academy, eminent historian and writer.

“What a wonderful example of what Goa was like. A huge amount of effort and great dedication and commitment.”
Hon. Mr.Keith Vaz, MP – London U.K.

“Wonderful work. Such beautiful labour.”
Farhad Contractor (Environmental Activist (Rajastan) and Kurush Canteenwala, Film maker (Pune).

“It was indeed an honor to be invited to visit this amazing venture produced with pure passion. This is without doubt an amazing achievement by one person, Victor with the support of his wife. Thank you for this memorable visit.”
Anne Claire ketteringham, Aeronautical Engineer, London U.K( tourist to Goa) .

“It is a wonderful to go around the museum treasuring the cultural heritage of Goa ..Congratulations and all the best!”
Mr. Francisco Sardinha . M.P and Ex Chief Minister Of Goa.

“A great effort to preserve our rich heritage.. Touches the pulse!”
Dr. Percival Noronha. Eminent Historian and Writer.

“We have been to a number of museums but have never seen something like this; this is what the government must promote if it wants to really promote tourism. Amazing to think that one man has put this together and it is only 10% of the work. The museum is so educative and which makes you realize that you do not know the real Goa yet, victor thanks for doing this for Goa. The museum will go down history. We are with you.”
Agnelo And Patricia Pinto Panajim.

“Great to see our Goan roots! Thanks for putting this together. In Canada we would never see this.”
Denise Fernandes, Toronto Canada-(Nonresident Goan on holiday ) .


“Excellent and unique collection”
Dayanita Singh, Famous creative Photographer and Writer - Delhi.

“Amazing work to showcase history. Lovely display – very informative. Thanks for the explanation.”
Fr. Maverick Fernandes- social activist and writer – editor of Goa diaz .

“As simple said original wisdom, a place which is hope for all the best hope we all take it forward."
Annabel Da Gama Seraulim , Verna Goa.

“Every implement here talks Goa so every Goan must contribute to care Goa Chitra.”
Evencio Quardros- Proprietor, Suzuki showroom- Goa.

“An excellent collection, beautiful presented! Fantastic!”
Dr. Katherinr Poggendorf Kakar, Anthropologist And Writer , Germany/ Goa .

“Thanks for letting me see this fantastic collection”
Hanke Diechmann – Germany( tourist to Goa) .

“What can I say.. This perhaps is what men calls labour of love. Victor and Aldina feel for antiquity is .. I am humbled!!”
Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai , Artist – Aroubindo Ashram Pondicherry.

“Persons who visit the museum have to learn life of our ancestors. I am deeply emotionalized, learning the oldest technologies invented for the living on earth. I commit myself to carry our forefathers legacy forward so that posterity shall follow and remember by my own way of collection. Wish Goa Chitra all the best in the future.”
Mr. Filipe Nery Rodriques, Minister For Water Resources, Forest And Weight And Measures. Govt. Of Goa.

“Impressive and a pain staking effort. Wish you all the best. May the footprints of our elders be dented in our psyche!”
Dr. Blanche Barnes, Clinical Psychologist and Chairperson of The Leo Barnes Foundation.

“A real step back in time brought alive at Goa Chitra. Marvelous and looking forward to coming back.”
Tom and Sarojini Kilgalthe, England U.K. ( tourist to Goa)

“It is a pleasure to be guided around this impressive beautifully created display . Thanks!”
George Mitchell –internationally reputed anthropologist and writer - London

“Overwhelmed. The amount of hard work that has gone into the museum is amazing. An effort of this size and sensitivity needs the support of every Goan.”
Dereck Almeida, editor, Gomantak Times -Goa.

“Excellent work, beautifully arranged.”
Carlos Peres Da Costa Brazil( tourist to Goa)

“We remember the past and our ancestors. Just a miracle of love for posterity.”
Jose Philip De Souza, Minister For Revenue Goa.


“Amazing collection of artifacts, exquisitely arranged. Needs support and encouragement. I wish this will become a museum for Goans to cherish their values.”
James Mathew., Sr. Town Planner Margoa Goa.

“It is one of the best if not the best collections of national treasure in one place. Well done. I hope your government will support you to keep this effort and to show it to the world.”
Dr Afaf Elbashir – Abu Dhabi. ( tourist to Goa)

“It is an extra ordinary museum that should be supported by Goan people as a symbol of their traditions and way of living. I congratulate victor for his car and love for Goan heritage . his work is of great value to keep history alive for future generations.”
Senhor Paulo Nives Pocinho, Consul General Of Portugal.

“Very interesting to hear so much about the Goan way of life – thank you.”
Penny G. Haneock – U.K. ( tourist to Goa)

“A lovely collection. Very interesting a great experience.”
Molly Howers U.K( Tourist To Goa)

“Extraordinary and awe inspiring.”
Prudence Waslters – U.K. ( tourist to Goa)

“Fantastic, your passion is infectious. I hope that goa recognizes the legacy you are leaving her.”
Abigail Athaide – Village Sanctuary – U.K.

“Amazing collection. Pictures historical records. We need to inculcate value of heritage.”
Cddr.I.R.A Naryanan, editor Vasco Watch.

“It’s excellent, amazing preservation of our old things. Please continue to save for future generations.”
Naranmchairk , Lecturer Dept. Dept Of Zoology Mangalore University Karnataka.

“Thank you very much for keeping alive our ancestror’s footprints on this great land. Your efforts deserve all the applaudes and support. Subreb work and you belong to the people who have carved niche on this great land for yourself.. keep it up.”
Jess Fernades, author – Quepem.

“Very interesting. Very glad we made the effort to find you. Good luck”
Justine Andrews- Isles Of Wight- England. ( tourist to Goa)

“I feel ashamed and proud of myself at the same time. Ashamed because I realized I know nothing of our culture and proud that you have made it possible for us to know so much. Thank you. Keep up the good work.”
Sobita Kirtani- Psychologist and Lecture – Margao.

“Amazing it’s unbelievable that this is being handled single handedly. Keep it up. Go ahead. You will find likeminded people to help you. I am proud of this fellow Goan who is striving to keep up our heritage.”
Damodar Mauzo – Writer, Social Activist.

“It was a fascinating experience going through the holdings in this museum. A very comprehensive collection and extremely informed commentary by victor. It is mind boggling to think how a man single- handedly built up such a fantastic collection with documentation, inventory, nomenclature and all. Everyone should support this venture.”
Nirmal K. Bhaiaharjee- Birla Foundation.

“To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die- through your collection you have achieved at imparting the kind of ancestral and ethnographic understanding one may only dream of. One feels blessed and alive.”
Venatius J Pinto-Graphic Artist, writer. U.S.

“A herculean effort! Congratulations to victor and his family in appreciation”
Heta Pandit. Writer and Member Of Goa Heritage Society.

“Simply great. No words can express the great, great efforts and love that has gone into this great exercise of yours. Truly commendable.”
Sanjay Banerjee- Goa correspondent – Times of India.


“Amazing museum, a real eye opener. Many of the agricultural implements were a first time – great work.”
Conrad Pinto, Artist